Lolo Gervais

playing the soundtrack of a very modern vintage party

press kit

Lolo Gervais continues a tradition of creating vintage jazz from a very modern songbook. With their feet planted in both worlds of jazz, pop and R&B, the group performs unexpected arrangements that span both genres and many musical places in between. From playing classics such as Michael Jackson, the Clash or Sting as 1920’s Prohibition Swing, to Rhianna and AHA as more mid-century swing jazz, or creating new beautiful jazz ballads from Boy George or disco’s Gloria Gaynor, audiences can enjoy an intimate jazzy evening or a more partylike scene depending on the venue and occaison. The group is fronted by Lolo herself and pianist Jacob Aginsky with an all star roster of supporting players, and most closely resembles Post Modern Jukebox in crossing genre and age demographics. 

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