Lolo Gervais

playing the soundtrack of a very modern vintage party


Lolo Gervais stirs up a mix of classic modern pop tunes and turns it into a hot Neo Vintage Jazz Party—  from 20's-70’s, swing to funk, New Orleans style boogaloo and beyond. The closest comparisons can be made to Post Modern Jukebox, as this award winning and inventive Northern California-based group performs in festivals, galas for both corporate and non-profits, performing arts centers, nightclubs and private parties. Lolo's group of accomplished players has a well-earned reputation for pushing musical boundaries, having a sense of fun and humour onstage, and being on a mission to make new sounds old and yet new again.

The heart of the collaboration began when keyboardist Jacob Aginsky and Lolo (Lorraine) Gervais met in 2014 and decided to join their musical talents together to see what they could come up with that would be fun and unique. Both have years of performing & music production, mentoring, recording and touring. Lolo has supported Mavis Staples, Etta James, and John Hammond, among others, and Jacob has worked with many including Pink, Chris Isaak, Niki Minaj, Thievery Corporation and Zap Mama. They share a love of jazz and have great chemistry.

Lolo's 3 albums carry on the band's commitment to the idea that modern pop music can be engaging and accessible with seriously tricked out arrangements, rhythms and phrasings with a sense of jazz adventure all at the same time. Their 4th album is in production and should be released in late 2017.


What People ARe Saying


"They took the stage and proceeded to raise the roof! The music they produce is sublime & hilarious, and the performances are full of some serious kickass playing.” 

Ft. Collins News & Arts
Lincoln Performing Arts Center
Fort Collins, CO

An exceptional group of musicians led by the entertaining and divine voice of Lorraine Gervais. I highly recommend this group for any festival or venue that wants to make patrons happy!

Julie Baker. Executive Director
The Center for the Arts
Grass Valley, CA

"The jazzy/bluesy stylings of Lolo Gervais and her accomplished sidemen infuses vitality and brings to life songs originally designed for the commercial top 40 market. These new arrangements, greatly enhanced by the adventurous chordal voicings and rhythms of pianist Jacob ...... strips away the excessive pop dross in the original productions to reveal the core essence of the songs through Lolo's passionate singing. As a genuine chanteuse with impeccable taste, Gervais makes these songs her own, drawing favorable comparisons to Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker but with a very unique and highly soulful take on modern classics." 

Oz Fritz - 2016
Grammy award winning engineer/mixer
Tom Waits/Primus/Bill Laswell/John Zorn

A class ensemble, making modern music sound so retro and timeless, maybe even for the better! Definitely a party! Love their creative artistry and the sheer joy and fun coming from lead singer Lorraine Gervais.

J. van Dijk, Sound Diva, KVMR DJ and Morning show host - June 2015

"When I discovered Lolo Gervais, I knew I had found the absolutely perfect group. The lead singer, Lorraine Gervais, with her velvety soulful voice and original renditions of songs and Jacob Aginsky on piano -- where did he learn to play like that? Pure entertainment! Anyway I could go on about the other stellar musicians too- magic! Everyone was lined up at the door a half hour before we opened and at the end they made me promise to please, please have Lolo Gervais play again next year… the best party we'd thrown so far!"

Mary Anne Davis
Event Manager
The Union Newspaper
Grass Valley, California

Photographer: Kim Sayre